Philip Nobel: Baku Forum gaining global importance

Stockholm, October 21, AzerTAc.
Philip Nobel, head of the Nobel International Fraternity Academy, great grandson of Alfred Nobel, has hailed the importance of the Baku International Humanitarian Forum as he shared with AzerTAc`s correspondent his impressions from his recent visit to the Azerbaijani capital.
“My overall impressions of the Forum are overwhelmingly positive,” said Mr. Nobel, adding “it's gaining a global importance”.
“The issues that were raised are clearly of big importance as they not only touch upon our present situation, but also address future problems and issues. This is not just another forum taking place in the world…This is something extremely serious that brings together experts, policy-makers, Nobel prize laureates and high-level scientists.”
He said: “It gives a practical platform for facilitating communication and social and cultural interaction between experts. It also paves the way for closer contacts and cooperation.
Mr. Nobel hailed the Azerbaijani President`s initiative to launch the forum: “I'm very thankful to President Ilham Aliyev for having taken this initiative.”
He said he attended “Comparative Research into Multiculturalism: from Theory to Humanitarian Practice” round table as part of the forum, saying multiculturalism was one of the key humanitarian issues. “I was very pleased and happy to hear about the launch of the Center for Multiculturalism in Azerbaijan that was announced during the Forum. This clearly illustrates the importance that Azerbaijan places on this matter. To have an organization working with these issues will, in my opinion, have a global impact on and promote awareness raising in this area.”
Mr. Nobel said: “What people forget is that Azerbaijan, especially Baku, has been a perfect example of tolerance and multiculturalism for centuries.”
He also praised Azerbaijan`s development: “I love this country. I'm not talking about oil and gas now but about the people, their culture and traditions! The infrastructure never ceases to amaze me. Every time that I come I see improvements of different kinds, whether it may be buildings, roads, political structure. It is really outstanding!”
“I come frequently to Azerbaijan, maybe six-eight times a year. And considering my family's history in this country please allow me to consider it my second motherland,” said Mr. Nobel.

Special Correspondent
Rauf Aliyev